Young Birders

What’s the Young Birders Club?

The purpose of the Mt. Diablo Audubon Society Young Birders Club is to give young people about 9-17 years old who like birds and the outdoors a chance to meet others their age with similar interests, while getting outside and, of course, seeing birds! We want participants to learn about birds and their habitats, come away with an appreciation of nature, develop birding skills, and most importantly, have fun! By doing that, we can get young birders thinking about how birding can contribute to science, protect birds and their habitats, and even be the start of a future career!

What Does the YBC Do?

The YBC takes monthly Saturday morning field trips (breaks for December and summer) to easy-to-access locations known for their bird activity and natural beauty. These trips remain within about an hour’s drive of Walnut Creek. If participants are interested, we also arrange special trips such as bird-banding demonstrations or behind-the-scenes visits to bird rehab centers and science labs.

What Do I Need To Do to Participate?

The only requirement is that each young birder is accompanied by at least one parent or responsible adult. There’s no fee and no official sign-up process. By participating, you’re in! You don’t have to have previous birding experience, or even a pair of binoculars. We can lend you a pair! The most important thing is to want to see and learn about birds and the other creatures that make up their homes.

Sign Me Up!

Email to join the YBC email list. You should also “like” the YBC Facebook page to get updates and details on YBC events. YBC field trips are also posted on the main Mt. Diablo Audubon Society calendar.

Upcoming Young Birders Trips

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