MDAS Field Trip Schedule 2022–23

The following is the 2022–23 MDAS Field Trip Schedule that provides the date, destination, and leader(s) of the trip. This schedule is subject to change. The most current scheduled field trips can be seen on the right side of this page and on the Event Calendar.

Date Location Leader
September 2022
1 Thurs Jewel Lake – Tilden Park Matt Tarlach
10 Sat Antioch Dunes (led by park docent)
15 Thurs Vaux’s Swifts @ McNear Brickyard Hugh Harvey
17 Sat Hayward Reg. Shoreline – Frank’s Dump Maureen Lahiff
24 Sat Birding by Bike @ Clifton Court Forebay Jerry Britten
October 2022
1 Sat Outer Point Reyes Tracy Farrigton./ Matt T.
5 Wed Elsie Roemer Bird Sanctuary Hugh Harvey
8 Sat Curry Canyon (with Save Mt Diablo) Jerry Britten
15 Sat Five Brooks/Bear Valley Maureen Lahiff
29 Sat Abbotts Lagoon TBD
November 2022
5 Sat Charleston Slough/South Bay TBD
15 Tues Shadow Cliffs Regional Park Steve Taylor
19 Sat Limantour TBD
22 Tues MVSD/McNabney Marsh Randy Huey
December 2022
3 Sat Sacramento/Colusa National Wildlife Refuges TBD
8 Thurs American Canyon Wetlands Chris and Teri Wills
10 Sat Solano County Raptors Maureen Lahiff
14 Wed Christmas Count–East Contra Costa Jerry Britten
17 Sat Christmas Count–Central Contra Costa Jerry Britten
January 2023
7 Sat Putah Creek Maren Smith/Susana de Trapaga
11 Wed East Contra Costa County Paul Schorr
14 Sat Shollenberger Park/Ellis Creek Sandy Ritchie
21 Sat Lake Merritt/Arrowhead Marsh/Garretson Point Sandy Ritchie
25 Wed Martinez Waterfront Tracy Farrington
February 2023
4 Sat Thornton Area/Cosumnes Preserve Chick Chickering
9 Thurs Grizzly Island/Rush Ranch TBD
18 Sat Bodega Bay TBD
21 Tues Sunol Regional Park Steve Taylor
22 Wed Walnut Creek Parks Hugh Harvey
25-26 Sat/Sun Los Banos/Panoche Valley Branthaver/ Harvey
March 2023
8 Wed Contra Loma Reservoir Paul Schorr
14 Tues Mt. View Sanitary/McNabney Marsh S. Ritchie / M. Tarlach
17 Fri Valle Vista Don Lewis
22 Wed Lake Lagunitas Hugh Harvey
25 Sat Tomales Bay State Park Linda Shinn
April 2023
1 Sat Garin Regional Park TBD
4 Tues North Briones Cheryl Abel
5 Wed Orinda Connector Trail Don Lewis
11 Tues Putah Creek @ Pedrick Rd. (NEW TRIP) Tracy Farrington
13 Thurs Black Diamond Mines Paul Schorr
17 Mon Pine Canyon Tracy Farrington
20 Thurs Mitchell Canyon Sandy Ritchie
24 Mon Del Puerto Canyon Beth Branthaver
29 Sat Mines Road Hugh Harvey
May 2023
2 Tues Mt. Diablo State Park Steve Taylor
11 Thurs West Briones Regional Park Chick Chickering
20 Sat East Contra Costa County Randy Huey
June 2023
3 Sat Outer Point Reyes Matt Tarlach
July 2023
21 Fri Frank’s Dump @high tide, late afternoon Hugh Harvey
29 Sat San Mateo Coast TBD
August 2023
26 Sat Bodega Bay Hugh Harvey